The Team Nina



To do the Work is to go on an adventure, whether it is as a facilitator or as a client, I never know where it´s going to take me, or you. The Work is simply 4 questions and turnarounds. How something so simple can bring about so much beauty is still something I am amazed by.

I remember the feeling when a friend asked me these 4 questions for the first time. It was like the light was turned on in a dark room and I started laughing hard to what just minutes ago had felt so serious and painful. From that time I was hooked on the Work and I am deeply grateful for all that it has brought to my life.

I love meeting me and meeting you beyond our stories about ourselves , eachother and the world. I love how it turns the world upsidedown and wakes me up to a reality much kinder than the one I thought I lived in. To have the Work in my life makes me feel safe, I know that whatever comes my way there is a way back to happiness and connection. The worst that can happen is a painful thought believed and I know what to do with that now.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share the Work with anyone who is interested. To be a part of the team who organizes the Summer Camp is such an honor and I am looking forward meeting you this summer.





Meeting other people who love the Work

Meeting myself and others beyond our stories

Resting, eating well, dancing, being in beautiful nature, having fun! I see Camp as a way to cleanse and refill myself for the rest of the year.